Immediately after the procedure, it is recommended that you not soak your body in water for 24 hours (ie. baths, hot tubs) to mitigate the risk of infection at the injection site. Showering is fine. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) For pain relief, extra-strength Tylenol is recommended. Ice is not recommended as it causes vasoconstriction. That said, heat is acceptable for pain relief. 

Most patients report an increase in pain and some swelling immediately following the injection, lasting up to several days. This is normal and results from the body’s natural inflammatory response flooding the region with healing factors. Please notify your physician if this increased pain does not resolve itself within three days. At about 2 weeks post-procedure, most patients will experience some relief from pre-injection pain levels. The greatest benefit is typically reported at 4-6 weeks post-injection and can occur up to 6-9 months after. 

To maximize recovery, we strongly suggest that you adhere to the guidelines recommended by your treating physician. This may include short-term non-weight bearing protocols, reduced activity, formal physical therapy, and at-home exercises.